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ZH Packing Base Case

There is no pretention in the ZH Packing System, just consistently intelligent design. The Base Case, the anchor of the ZH Packing System, for example, is precisely crafted to fit from end-to-end inside the Pursuit Aluminum and Edge Lightweight International 22-inch Carry-On Cases. The result? Hassle-free packing simplified in a single zip. Balanced with the perfect combination of structure and flexibility, the lightweight nylon Base Case features an easy-to-grab leather handle that makes transporting your clothes to and from your travel case as effortless as the swing of a wrist. Simply pack your Base Case independently and drop it in your carry-on. Upon arrival, you can immediately extract the case, stow it and move on to the more important things in your schedule.




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29x43x9 Cm
Polyamide, Handwash
Clean delicately the stained area with a soft and dry cloth. In case of greasy or persistent stain, use a small quantity of neutral wax or a leather cleaning product on a soft cloth and rub delicately. Then polish with a clean and dry cloth.