ZH Luggage Cover 30

CHF. 115.00
Droits et frais de port exclus
Custom-fitted for the Pursuit Aluminum and Edge Lightweight Large Travel Cases, the 30-inch Gen ZH Luggage Cover is perfectly tailored to protect your important check-in bag from dust and debris. Like a wet suit for your suitcase, the handsome luggage cover is fabricated from resilient neoprene and easily slips over the top of the case and secures under the ZH Chassis with a Velcro closure. The black cover is tastefully branded with the ZH monogram on its front and smaller Zero Halliburton logo at the bottom.




0.65 Kg


74x51x28 Cm
Polyamide, Handwash
Clean delicately the stained area with a soft and dry cloth. In case of greasy or persistent stain, use a small quantity of neutral wax or a leather cleaning product on a soft cloth and rub delicately. Then polish with a clean and dry cloth.