ZH Packing Medium Case

CHF. 81.00
Droits et frais de port exclus
What separates the amateurs from the experts? The ease with which they navigate the world. With the ZH Packing System Medium Case, travelers of every frequency will enjoy the freedom of smooth packing and effortless organization. More intelligently designed than traditional luggage cubes, this structured Medium Case is exactly half the size of the Base Case and is fashioned with a top carry handle, so transporting your clothes from luggage to dresser is a singular, uncomplicated movement. And the ability to separate everything from whole outfits to accessories and underpinnings allows you to create your own personalized system in unfamiliar places.




0.2 Kg


23x29x9 Cm
Polyamide, Handwash
Clean delicately the stained area with a soft and dry cloth. In case of greasy or persistent stain, use a small quantity of neutral wax or a leather cleaning product on a soft cloth and rub delicately. Then polish with a clean and dry cloth.