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ZH Medium Attaché

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Dazi doganali e spese spedizione escl.
Forged from the same durably sophisticated brushed aluminum and design references as our Pursuit Aluminum Travel Cases, the Pursuit Attach Case makes a striking impression in every environment. With such exceptional attributes as a bespoke, ergonomic handle designed to complement the case color, a combination lock for security, and a sleek, coated leather interior, this elevated attach is a step above any briefcase. Enduring as a classic automobile, the ZH Pursuit Aluminum Medium Attach Case commands attention with strength, subtlety, and style.



Peso del bagaglio:

2.5 Kg

Dimensioni del bagaglio:

46x33x9 Cm
Aluminum Handwash
Clean delicately the stained area with a soft and dry cloth. In case of greasy or persistent stain, use a small quantity of neutral wax or a leather cleaning product on a soft cloth and rub delicately. Then polish with a clean and dry cloth.