ZH Packing Small Case

55,00 €
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Meet the ultimate organizer to separate small or lightweight items. The ZH Packing System Small Case evolves your journeys into easy and efficient operations. Designed for modular packing within the ZH Packing System, the reduced scale of this structured piece - exactly half the size of the Medium Case - also offers general versatility to fit inside everything from gym bags and briefcases to carry-ons. Whatever the size of your tote, this highly transportable case creates confidence and instant order.




0.15 Kg


14x22x9 Cm
Polyamide, Handwash
Clean delicately the stained area with a soft and dry cloth. In case of greasy or persistent stain, use a small quantity of neutral wax or a leather cleaning product on a soft cloth and rub delicately. Then polish with a clean and dry cloth.