Italian expertise. Made in BRIC'S.

We strive tirelessly to meet the expectations of discerning customers who seek quality, uniqueness and elegance. BRIC'S... for over 70 years.

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Founded by Mario Briccola in 1952, BRIC’S Milan has been creating and producing entirely handmade travel bags and fine leather goods for over 65 years.


Located in the scenic landscape around the lake of Como in Northern Italy, BRIC'S is still today a family-owned company run by Mario’s sons, daughters and grandchildren.


Family values, curated details and an obsession with quality were Mario's mainstays back then - and the cornerstones of the company now. The new generations of the Briccola family take the same impassioned energetic approach to the business.


BRIC'S becomes a global brand, boasting a series of key values, such as quality, artistry, functionality, fashionableness, aesthetics and resilience. And most of all inimitable Italian style.


The family name becomes famous worldwide and BRIC'S cements a reputation as a lead player in the luxury travel sector.


Hollywood A-listers, New-York influencers, fashion designers and business executives all covet BRIC'S fine craftsmanship and inimitable style.


Exquisite materials and enduring Italian expertise come together to create new designs and timeless allure.


BRIC'S celebrates 65 years of stylish travelling.

BRIC'S today

For anyone who wants a unique top-of-the-line product with meticulously curated detailing and unsurpassed Italian artisanship. Today more than ever, BRIC'S and its ageless creations epitomise Italian workmanship in the leather-goods sector.
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  • since 1952
This is the craftsmanship of Bric's

Taking care of what is precious to accompany every traveller through time.

Handcrafted by BRIC'S

Premium leather goods and artisanal workmanship still today.
We have been forging pure Italian luxury for almost seventy years.